Methylation-capture and Next-Generation Sequencing of free circulating DNA from human plasma

June 2014

Kristina Warton, Vita Lin, Tina Navin, Nicola J Armstrong, Warren Kaplan, Kevin Ying, Brian Gloss, Helena Mangs, Shalima S Nair, Neville F Hacker, Robert L Sutherland, Susan J Clark and Goli Samimi1

This study from the the Garvan Institute and the Kinghorn Cancer Center, and St. Vincent’s Clinical School (Univ of South Wales), in Sydney Australia, suggests a method for collecting and sequencing free circulating DNA from human plasma. The authors were able to capture small amounts of methylated DNA and create sequencing libraries using the Illumina ChIP protocol. The Pippin Prep was used to size select 180bp DNA followed by bisulfate sequencing. The study suggest that high quality genomic data can be obtained with fcDNA for potential clinical applications.

BMC Genomics 2014, 15:476


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