DNA Size Selection for Next-Gen Sequencing, with Pulsed-Field
(100bp – 50kb)

Size-Select DNA Fragments up to 50kb

Collect HMW DNA with High-Pass Filtering

The BluePippin has the DNA capabilities of the Pippin Prep, plus the extra benefit of pulsed-field electrophoresis for resolving and collecting high molecular weight DNA.  For long-range genomic applications, high-pass filtering allows users to collect all fragments above a size threshold set by the user.

Target sizes or ranges of sizes are entered in software, and fractions are collected in buffer. Up to 5 samples/gel cassette may be run, with no possibility of cross contamination.

Benefits of the BluePippin System

  • Saves time and effort compared to manual gel purification
  • Sample-to-sample reproducibility streamlines research
  • Higher sample quality improves downstream analysis

Key Downstream Technologies

  • Mate-pair sequencing
  • Single molecule sequencing
  • Bar-coded linked reads

Pre-Cast Agarose Gel Cassettes for DNA Size Selection

Gel cassettes for DNA selections are available in four agarose concentrations to provide a full range of size selection options between 100bp up to 50kb.  For smaller fragment sizes, internal standards may be used for higher accuracy and increased sample capacity (from 4 to 5 samples/cassette).  Higher molecular weight fragments require a dedicated lane to run a calibration marker.  Run times are as little as 30 minutes,  To resolve very large DNA fragments, pulsed-field runs may last several hours. View the BluePippin cassette reference chart to explore the DNA size selection options and run times.

Standard DNA Size Selection Cassettes

  • 3% agarose, 100-250bp
  • 2% agarose, 100-600bp
  • 1.5% agarose, 250bp – 1.5kb
  • 0.75% agarose, 1-50kb

See the Workflow Summary.

High Pass Plus Cassettes

  • >15KB High Pass

Learn more here.

Downstream Technologies

  • miRNA isolation
  • DNA sequencing, RNA-seq, genotyping
  • DNA sequencing, ChIP-seq
  • Long-read sequencing (PacBio, Oxford Nanopore)


The BluePippin instrument includes a monitor, keyboard, and mouse. A CPU is built in; an external PC is not required.

Blue Pippin Specs
Electrophoresis voltage25V, 100V or 150V constant, 100V pulsed field
Optical detection470 nm excitation, 525 nm emission
Power requirements100-240 VAC, 2.5 A, 50-60 Hz
Weight15 lbs / 7 kg
Dimensions7h x 11w x 21d (in) | 18h x 28w x 53 d (cm)

Cassette Kits

Kits include 10 ea. disposable pre-cast gel cassettes.  All necessary standards and reagents are included with the purchase.