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Sage Science products are built on the idea that science is more robust and reliable when it is based on high-precision, automated, reproducible technology instead of manually intensive steps that introduce variability and error.

We look at molecular biology workflows and identify high-value steps that can be significantly improved with accurate, automated solutions. Our products not only reduce hands-on time and boost throughput, but they also improve data quality and downstream results.

The Sage Science portfolio includes products to perform DNA or cDNA sizing and protein fractionation.

Check out the technology behind our newest product, the SageHLS platform for HMW DNA extraction and purification.

Targeted DNA Size Selection: Pippin

Pippin’s disposable gel cassettes are precast with agarose. DNA sizing is determined by the detection of markers in a dedicated lane or internally in the sample lane and using those to select and collect the desired fragments based on user-input values.

Each sample lane is physically separate to eliminate the possibility of sample cross-contamination and features a branched configuration with three electrodes. DNA is separated along a gel column until the programmed fragment range reaches the branch point. The instrument then switches the active electrode to divert DNA into a membrane-bound buffer chamber. When the size range has been collected, the active electrode is switched back to the separation channel. The desired sample can be removed with a standard pipette.

DNA sizing is available with the Pippin Prep (for fragments from 100 bp to 1.5 Kb) and with the BluePippin (a pulsed-field version for fragments from 100 bp to 50 Kb).

Watch the video below to learn about DNA size selection with Pippin:

Whole-Sample Fractionation for DNA or Protein: SageELF

The fully automated SageELF (for Electrophoretic Lateral Fractionator) can be used to select DNA or proteins. It features a cassette system designed to fractionate a whole protein or DNA sample simultaneously into 12 contiguous size fractions.

Watch the video below to learn about whole sample fractionation with SageELF:


For proteomics users, SageELF delivers 12 size fractions in SDS buffer ready for analysis or identification on a mass spectrometer.

For scientists working with DNA, the generation of 12 contiguous fractions maximizes the utility of precious samples and can be used to build multiple libraries of different insert sizes for both short-read sequencers and long-range technologies that can assess structural information.

Check out our tutorial videos for tips on using the Sage Science instruments.

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