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Accurate Full-length Gene Diplotyping Using Ultralow Input Linked-read Library and Short Reads

From Universal Sequencing (AGBT 2021), HLS-CATCH and UST TELL-Seq linked reads are used to Diplotype full-length BRCA1 and BRCA2 targets from a model Ashkenazi Trio

Targeted Sequencing of Highly Homologous Genes Using Cas9 Digestion

PKD1, which implicated in polycystic kidney disease, has homology with six closely related pseudogenes.  PKD1 was isolated with the SageHLS system and sequenced with  the Illumina platform.

High-Pass DNA Size Selection for Recovery of a Highly Degraded Sample for Oxford Nanopore Long-Read Sequencing

From the Earlham Institute, a highly degraded fish DNA sample was size selected with the BluePippin High Pass Plus cassette.  Recovered DNA was sequenced on a Oxford Nanopore Minion to 20X genomic coverage.

Sage Products Powering New Methods, 2018-19


Summarizes recent applications of Sage Science Instruments.  The SageELF size fractionation is used to tightly  sized libraries for PacBio Sequel closed consensus sequencing (CSS).  The PippinHT is used for size selection of circulating tumor DNA from plasma.

SageELF: One Input, Many Size Fractions


SageELF fractionation can be useful for creating single-molecule sequencing libraries. This poster reprint provides a closer look at the technology. 

Learn More:  Pippin Family Brochure


Learn More:  HLS-CATCH Target Selection Brochure

Learn More:  SageELF DNA Fractionation Brochure

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