Mr. Barbera is a founder and former CEO of Pronto Development Corporation, Inc., a design engineering firm. At Pronto, he led the development of several biotechnology instruments and consumer appliances. He has specialized in the design of semiconductor test equipment, and optoelectronic medical devices, and high-end audio equipment. In 2005, Mr. Barbera (an accomplished yachtsman) developed a new sail sensor array which he installed on the USA’s America’s cup yacht in Spain. Mr. Barbera holds a Bachelors Degree in electrical engineering from Northeastern University.
Dr. Boles's expertise is in the development of molecular research instruments, consumables and reagents. Dr. Boles served in VP R&D of Matrix Technologies and CSO of Mosaic Technologies prior to joining Sage Science. He is an inventor of numerous patents, mostly chemistry related, in the bioscience tools area. Prior to his career in industry, he served as an Asst. Professor at Brandeis University and as a Post Doctoral Fellow at UC Berkeley. Dr. Boles received his PhD from Princeton University.
Mr. Carroll has spent 30 years in the life science industry, where he has demonstrated expertise in building and managing sales operations and developing new markets. He was the 15th employee at Applied Biosystems, where he set up the North American and Asia-Pacific sales organizations before assuming a global role as senior vice president of worldwide sales. More recently, he spent nearly a decade at Bio-Rad managing the North American sales operation. Patrick has also been involved in a number of life science startup companies.
With a particular affinity for setting up new labs from scratch at start-up companies, Sadaf has enjoyed 20 years of experience in the life science industry. She began her career as a bench scientist, identifying causative mutations for specific inborn metabolic disorders at Mass General Hospital, followed by sample-prep product development at US Genomics, and then early-stage drug discovery studies at Ribonovix. Sadaf was the fourth employee to join Sage Science and was integral to the development of the Pippin alpha and beta prototypes. As Sage grew, she built and led the applications support team, managed several product launches, and continued to contribute to the research and development of each product that Sage has released. Sadaf now leads corporate operations where she excels at team management, as well as the design and control of production and commercialization processes.
Dr. Abrams has broad knowledge in molecular biology and protein science. He has been a Research Director or Principal Scientist at a number of firms, including First Light Biosciences, Mosaic Technologies and Praecis Pharmaceuticals. Dr. Abrams focus has been the discovery and development of novel technologies, and these efforts have resulted in the products in the areas of microarrays, immunoassays, and drug discovery. At Mosaic, Dr. Abrams was the lead developer of bridge amplification, the basis of Illumina sequencing technology. Dr. Abrams holds a Ph.D from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine.
Mr. Vira has over 15 years of marketing experience in the biotechnology field. As a senior product manager at MJ Research, Inc., he oversaw the highly successful line of MJ thermal cyclers, and he has led the development and introduction of several products for PCR and DNA sequencing applications. Prior to MJ, Mr. Vira was a researcher in the area of bioremediation – the art of treating environmental contamination with microbes. Mr. Vira holds a Bachelor of Science degree in biology from the University of Connecticut, Storrs.

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