RT @Gavin_Arno: Latest CATCH-nanopore sequence. Over 700-fold enrichment for the gene and 60x depth with full length reads at 140kb - varia…
- Tuesday Sep 27 - 7:13pm

RT @denis_odinokov: "Heatrich-BS assay [...] uses the concept of thermal denaturation to achieve CpG enrichment in fragmented DNA. Heatrich…
- Wednesday Sep 14 - 6:04pm

RT @universal_seq: Join us for a free webinar on #linkedread #NGS on @illumina instruments. https://t.co/gyjM02HuXL #denovo #genomeassembly
- Wednesday Nov 10 - 7:29pm

RT @Gavin_Arno: Targeted nanopore sequencing using CATCH with the SAGE-HLS and #minION with the new SQK-LSK110 library prep kit and we got…
- Monday Sep 27 - 6:11pm

RT @mendelspod: . @PacBio's CSO Jonas Korlach and @Labcorp's President and CMO Brian Caveney join us today to discuss their recent and ongo…
- Thursday Apr 1 - 6:36pm

Terrific interview with Christian Henry, @PacBio CEO, on @mendelspod -PacBio stronger than ever! https://t.co/pLlhK7MEnC
- Tuesday Dec 22 - 6:24pm

Last day to stop by the Sage Science booth to learn about @universal_seq #TELLSeq #linkedread library construction… https://t.co/i2CTm4Hbb0
- Friday Oct 30 - 6:11pm

Sage Science’s #CATCH and @PacBio sequencing help identify an intronic SVA insertion in the BRCA1 locus in this @UWhttps://t.co/GIh0xbFAYf
- Thursday Oct 29 - 4:00pm

CRISPR-CATCH long read sequencing (CCLR-Seq) – includes a method for preparing #MinION libraries with low input DNA… https://t.co/lTRILj1SQi
- Wednesday Oct 28 - 2:30pm

#TELLSeq and #HLSCATCH haplotype180kb phase blocks containing the BRCA2 locus in a trio study-- at the scale of a s… https://t.co/gm6quxh8fy
- Tuesday Oct 27 - 7:23pm

CRISPR-targeted ultra-long read sequencing (CTLR-Seq) – this preprint features a method for preparing MinION librar… https://t.co/xnQLuhi0j9
- Tuesday Oct 27 - 3:53pm

Haplotype-specific sequence of segmental duplication-mediated genome rearrangements with CRISPR-targeted ultra-long… https://t.co/yeQNvPDpal
- Monday Oct 26 - 9:00pm

We’re super excited to be distributing @universal_seq #TELLSeq #linkedread library construction kits! Learn more b… https://t.co/sBUiKQG8ik
- Monday Oct 26 - 5:11pm

#HLS-CATCH used to map Mb-sized deletion in 22q11.2. The update from @StanfordMed presented in a scientific poster… https://t.co/2ORE3pzWcj
- Monday Mar 23 - 8:27pm

Targeted Long-Fragment #LinkedRead Sequencing with #HLSCATCH and #TELLSeq. Here a recap and link to the… https://t.co/OGR5pRXm7q
- Monday Mar 23 - 5:13pm