Application Notes

Accurate Cost-effective Haplotype-resolved Sequencing of Large Targeted Genomic Regions Using HLS-CATCH™ Sample Prep with TELL-Seq™ Library Preparation

From Universal Sequencing and Sage Science, HLS-CATCH and UST TELL-Seq linked reads are used to Diplotype full-length BRCA2 targets from a model Ashkenazi Trio

PippinHT: Collection of <167 bp DNA for Cell-Free DNA Library Construction


Parameters for timed DNA size selection for collection of fragments below 167bp are provided for the PippinHT platform. Studies have shown that shorter cfDNA fragments (40 -167bp) retain genetic information about the fetus,
tumor associated copy number aberrations or the cellular origin of cfDNA,

DNA Size Selection for PacBio® Hi-Fi™ CCS Reads: New SageELF™ Waveforms


SageELF timed protocols are presented that can be used to collect narrow fragment size distributions of sheared DNA for PacBio’s Hi-Fi library prep.

A Simple Screening Assay for
C9orf72 ALS Repeat Expansions

A collaboration with the New York Genome Center to propose a method for determining the number of C9orf72 repeat expansions using a restriction digest approach with the SageHLS platform.

Targeted Mitochondrial DNA Extraction and Enrichment Using the SageHLS System

A novel approach for enriching mitochondrial DNA for sequence analysis without requiring PCR or gradient centrifugation.

Illumina Sequencing of Gene
Targets with HLS-CATCH™

In a collaboration between Icahn School of Medicine at Mt. Sinai, the principle of HLS-CATCH is demonstrated. Full-length targets of BRCA1, MAPT, and MUC13 are purified and sequenced using the Illumina platform

Size Selection of Long-chain Fragments (8kb)in Nextera Mate Pair Library Preparation


From Sage’s Japanese partners, Nippon Genetics and the University of Miyazaki School of Medicine. Recommendations for DNA size selection with the Illumina Mate Pair library construction kits.

ChIP-Seq Library Prep


A 2011 case study with the Dana Farber Cancer Institute using the Pippin Prep for ChIP-Seq.

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