Growing Up, Moving Out

Exciting times here at Sage Science — we’re moving! We’ve outgrown our current space and will be heading to offices that provide about 50 percent more room for our sizable team. We won’t even have to learn new commutes, as the new space is just downstairs from our old office.

Aside from the extra elbow room, the move is exciting because we’ll have all of our operations in one central space, bringing manufacturing into the same location as the rest of our team for the first time. We’re proud of the fact that we build all of our instruments right here in Beverly, Mass., and it’ll be great for the whole team to see the flurry of activity as new boxes are assembled, tested, and shipped to customers.

The move comes at a time when we are expanding into new markets. Thanks in large part to stellar work from our customers, our Pippin Prep and BluePippin instruments have become the accepted standard for automated DNA size selection, particularly in the NGS space. Now we’re taking our fractionation expertise to the proteomics realm, where automation, precision, and reproducibility can improve results from top-down, bottom-up, and other mass spec workflows. Our new SageELF performs whole-sample fractionation for proteins and DNA, and the BluePippin has been outfitted with fancy new cassettes that allow it to do targeted protein selection.

If you’re ever in the Beverly area, we hope you’ll stop by for a tour of our new digs.

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