Automated approaches to sample preparation can greatly reduce variability while saving time, making science more precise and reproducible. Automated gel electrophoresis products from Sage Science are useful for a range of applications:

Our Pippin systems offer a replacement for manual gel purification for targeted DNA size selection (Pippin Prep, BluePippin, and PippinHT) or proteins (BluePippin). Not only does the system require far less effort than prep gels, but size range collections are selected with software, DNA recovery is comparatively higher, and low molecular weight contamination (including adapter-dimers) is virtually eliminated.

Below, a schematic of the Pippin disposable gel cassette shows the principle of using a branched channel to electro-elute DNA from agarose.











Our SageELF performs whole-sample fractionation for DNA or proteins, automatically generating 12 contiguous fractions from the sample. This has value for work with precious samples and is useful for reducing complexity in protein studies and detecting genomic rearrangements and other structural variations in DNA sequencing projects.

Below, a schematic of the SageELF disposable gel cassette shows the principle of using a electrophoretic lateral fractionation to electro-elute DNA or proteins from agarose.

ELF fractionator schematic for DNA


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