London Calling: Who Will Beat the 1 Mb Read?

Later this week, scientists will descend on Old Billingsgate, London, for Oxford Nanopore’s annual user event. Better known as London Calling, the meeting has become famous for talks full of cutting-edge nanopore sequencing results, novel protocols, and best practices. The information exchange at London Calling has helped take nanopore sequencing technology from something only a few labs could perform well to a platform that’s now far more robust and reliable for a broad range of applications.

Sage is delighted to be attending London Calling this year. We enjoy getting to know the Oxford Nanopore users, many of whom are implementing our automated DNA size-selection tools to extract the longest possible reads from their sequencers. (For a great example, check out this new app note.) By removing the smallest fragments from libraries ahead of time, sequencers can be directed to focus on the molecules most likely to yield those record-shattering read lengths. The current record for a single continuous read is more than 1 Mb, but we’re willing to bet that this year’s London Calling users will be ready to beat it.

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