App Note: BluePippin Sizing Yields Longer MinION Reads

BluePippin users are generating longer reads from their Oxford Nanopore MinION sequencers, as demonstrated in a new app note from our colleagues at Nippon Genetics. The app note showcases a workflow used by Kazuharu Arakawa, an associate professor in the Institute for Advanced Biosciences at Keio University in Japan.

The app note describes an experiment performed on DNA extracted from the leg of a golden silk spider. Sample prep included size-selection with a BluePippin instrument to remove the shorter library fragments that would otherwise limit the amount of data produced by the MinION nanopore sequencer. As the app note points out, this step must be handled prior to library prep, during which electrophoresis-sensitive tethers are added.

According to Dr. Arakawa, “Size selection using BluePippin allowed us to remove short reads and perform effective sequence of long-chain DNA fragments, compared to using samples not size selected.”

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