Use of Four Next-Generation Sequencing Platforms to Determine HIV-1 Coreceptor Tropism

November 2012

John Archer, Jan Weber, Kenneth Henry, Dane Winner, Richard Gibson, Lawrence Lee, Ellen Paxinos, Eric J. Arts, David L. Robertson, Larry Mimms, Miguel E. Quinones-Mateu

Comparative study of four NGS platforms (454, Illumina, PacBio, Ion) in clinical assay to determine HIV tropism (polymorphisms in HIV env gene). Ion protocol included amplification of 2300 bp gene fragment, random cleavage, endrepair, adapter ligation, size selection at 150 bp on Pippin Prep, enrichment PCR, library quant., emPCR, sequencing on PGM. All platforms worked almost equally well in this study.

PLoS ONE 7(11):e49602.

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