Redefining the Human Oral Mycobiome with Improved Practices in Amplicon-based Taxonomy: Discovery of Malassezia as a Prominent Commensal

March 2014

Amanda K. Dupuy, Marika S. David, Lu Li, Thomas N. Heider, Jason D. Peterson, Elizabeth A. Montano, Anna Dongari-Bagtzoglou, Patricia I. Diaz, Linda D. Strausbaugh

In this PLoS One paper, scientists from the University of Connecticut describe the evaluation and analysis of the fungal ecosystem, or mycobiome, in a healthy human mouth. They used Pippin Prep to remove low molecular weight content and improve sequencing efficiency, followed by sequencing on the 454 GS FLX+ system. In addition to developing improved protocols for sequence-based taxonomy assignments, the team found an abundance of the genus Malassezia, which was not known to populate the oral cavity.

PLoS ONE 9(3): e90899


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