rDNA array length is a major determinant of replicative lifespan in budding yeast

April 2022


Manuel Hotz, Nathaniel H. Thayer, David G. Hendrickson, Elizabeth L. Schinski, Jun Xu, and Daniel E. Gottschling

The authors propose a new mechanism for aging and lifespan determination in budding yeast.

The researchers “discovered a previously unappreciated relationship between the number of copies of the ribosomal RNA gene present in its chromosomal array and replicative lifespan (RLS). Specifically, the chromosomal ribosomal DNA (rDNA) copy number (rDNA CN) positively correlated with RLS and this interaction explained over 70% of variability in RLS among a series of wild-type strains. In strains with low rDNA CN, SIR2 expression was attenuated and extra chromosomal rDNA circle (ERC) accumulation was increased, leading to shorter lifespan.”

Pippin Prep was used for DNA size selection for ATAC-seq analysis.

Author Affiliations:
Calico Life Sciences LLC, South San Francisco, CA

PNAS Genetics
DOI: 10.1073/pnas.2119593119

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