Comprehensive profiling of the vaginal microbiome in HIV positive women using massive parallel semiconductor sequencing

March 2014

Adam Ameur, Tracy L. Meiring, Ignas Bunikis, Susana Ha¨ggqvist, Cecilia Lindau, Julia Hedlund Lindberg, Inger Gustavsson, Zizipho Z. A. Mbulawa, Anna-Lise Williamson and Ulf Gyllensten

Researchers at Uppsala University, Sweden, along with the University of Cape Town and the National Health Laboratory in South Africa, examined co-infections in 20 HIV positive women with a rapid detection sequencing method using rolling circle amplification and the Ion Proton platform. The authors indicate a more comprehensive detection when compared to existing genotyping methods, with the added benefit genomic information being collected. The BluePippin was used to size select samples for Proton template generation.

Scientific Reports 4:4398


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