Bactobolin Resistance is Conferred by Mutations in the L2 Ribosomal Protein

December 2012

Josephine Chandler, Thao T. Truong, Patricia M. Silva, Mohammad R. Seyedsayamdost, Galvin Carr, Matthew Radey, Michael A. Jacobs, Elizabeth H. Sims, Jon Clardy, E. Peter Greenberg

Authors were searching for cause of resistance to antibiotic Bactobolin. Performed Illumina paired-end sequencing on resistant strains. Library construction used size-selection of library on Pippn Prep. Discovery of mutation was straightforward for two of four strains. Other two strains harbored a three base insertion which was not recognized in the initial Illumina sequencing.

mBio 3(6):e00499-12: December 2012​mBio.00499-12

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