Ultra-low input single tube linked-read library method enables short-read second-generation sequencing systems to generate highly accurate and economical long-range sequencing information routinely generate highly accurate and economical long-range sequencing information

June 2020

Zhoutao Chen, Long Pham, Tsai-Chin Wu, Guoya Mo, Yu Xia, Peter L Chang, Devin Porter, Tan Phan, Huu Che, Hao Tran, Vikas Bansal, Justin Shaffer, Pedro Belda-Ferre, Gregory Humphrey, Rob Knight, Pavel Pevzner, Son Pham, Yong Wang and Ming Lei

This study describes the TELL-Seq™ barcode linked read method developed by Universal Sequencing Technology Corp, and presents validation data for the process. TELL-Seq uses a transposase enzyme method that is linked to a bead (TELL-Bead) to insert an 18 bp molecular barcode into illumina sequencing libraries. The method allows economical analysis of haplotype phasing and structural variation in genomes or metagenomic analyses. The workflow requires low DNA input (0.1-5 ng) and is completed in a single tube.

Author Affiliations:
Universal Sequencing Technology, Canton MA
Bioturing, Inc., San Diego CA
University of California, San Diego

Genome Research
DOI: 10.1101/gr.260380.119

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