Complete and haplotype-specific sequence assembly of segmental duplication-mediated genome rearrangements using targeted CRISPR-targeted ultra-long read sequencing (CTLR-Seq)

October 2020

Bo Zhou, GiWon Shin, Stephanie U. Greer, Lisanne Vervoort, Yiling Huang, Reenal Pattni, Marcus Ho, Wing H. Wong, Joris R. Vermeesch, Hanlee P. Ji, Alexander E. Urban

In this preprint the authors report on a method, CTLR-Seq, that combines Sage Science’s HLS-CATCH with low input Oxford Nanopore sequencing(using the MinION platform). The researchers are studying complex and highly repetitive genomic regions associated with neuropsychiatric disorders (mutations at 22q11.2 and at 16p11.2). Long read nanopore sequencing is used to resolve large segmental duplications, copy number variations, and large deletions.

Author Affiliations:
Stanford University, Stanford CA
KU Leuven, Flanders Belgium

BioRxiv Preprint

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