Ingestible Osmotic Pill for In‐vivo Sampling of Gut Microbiome

July 2019

Hojatollah Rezaei Nejad, Bruno C. M. Oliveira, Aydin Sadeqi, Amin Dehkharghani, Ivanela Kondova Jan A. M. Langermans, Jeffrey S. Guasto, Saul Tzipori, Giovanni Widmer, Sameer R. Sonkusale

From Engineering and Nano Labs at Tufts University, and a consortium of Veterinary groups from the Netherlands, Brazil, and Tufts. A 3D printed micro-engineered pill with osmotic pumping technology was developed to sample the gut microbiome in animals. The pill was coated to resist exposure to the stomach microbiome and can be magnetically held in the upper intestinal track until sampling is complete.

The system was validated in vitro and in vivo. The Pippin Prep was used to size select 16S amplicons prior to Illumina sequencing.

Advanced Intelligent Systems
DOI: 10.1002/aisy.201900053

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