Sage Sizing Platforms Recommended for 10x Genomics Libraries

We’re pleased to report that 10x Genomics has released a new sample prep protocol for its Chromium platform that includes the BluePippin and PippinHT size selection platforms from Sage Science.

10x Genomics has gotten a lot of attention in recent years for its impressive ability to generate long-range information from short-read sequencing data, filling a major need in the scientific community. Scientists with Illumina pipelines can easily add the 10x instrument to generate another dimension of data that’s especially useful for alignment and assembly.

The 10x instrument delivers best results when it’s working from high molecular weight DNA (at least 50 Kb), with benefits including longer haplotype blocks and enhanced ability to call structural variants. In the new protocol, 10x recommends using the BluePippin or PippinHT platforms to remove short DNA fragments from the library prior to using the Chromium system. For lower-quality DNA samples, this 10x document guides users to remove smaller genomic DNA molecules, with protocols for building >20 Kb and >40 Kb libraries.

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