Happy DNA Day!

Here at Sage Science headquarters, we’ll be spending April 25th celebrating DNA Day. If you’re not familiar, the day honors double milestones of the original publication of the structure of DNA in 1953 as well as the ceremonial completion of the Human Genome Project fifty years later.

Of course, thinking about DNA is nothing new for our team. After all, it takes a special kind of person to join a company like Sage, where success is measured by how well we can practice the art of sample prep. From our scientists to our sales representatives, we are constantly sharing ideas and feedback on ways to ensure that the highest-quality DNA is moved from sample to sequencer.

We’d love to take our technology back in time to Francis Crick and the rest of the lab in 1953 and see that extraordinary team react to what we take for granted today: completely automated, highly reproducible tools for selecting the exact DNA needed for study. Of course, their reliance on what we consider rudimentary tools to determine the structure of DNA makes the finding even more remarkable.

This year, perhaps DNA Day is a good time to consider what’s most needed in the life sciences field. Perhaps it’s sample prep standards as we move toward routine use of genomics in the clinic, or maybe it’s better legislation to improve on the nondiscrimination efforts of GINA. Feel free to share your own ideas below, and enjoy DNA Day

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