From the Trenches: PacBio User Shares Experience with BluePippin

As the BluePippin makes its way to more users of the Pacific Biosciences sequencing platform, there is great data emerging on how our high-pass size selection protocol really complements the sequencer.

A particularly nice example of this comes from Lex Nederbragt, research fellow at the University of Oslo and member of the Norwegian High-Throughput Sequencing Centre, who recently put up a blog post about his experiences with BluePippin and PacBio. He includes plenty of data showing sequencing runs with and without BluePippin selection.

Nederbragt writes that BluePippin was very effective at reducing small fragments from the library, boosting average read lengths and longest subread lengths, and shifting base distribution significantly to the longest reads. Be sure to check out the figures in his blog post for specific data.

Many thanks to the Norwegian High-Throughput Sequencing Centre for their work with BluePippin and to Nederbragt for sharing this information!

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