Calling All Technophiles: Time for AGBT!

The Sage Science team is casting off the shackles of winter and gearing up for a trip to sunny Florida for the annual Advances in Genome Biology and Technology meeting. We look forward to this conference each year — it’s a great opportunity to catch up with friends while we learn about the latest technology innovations in the field.

AGBT has a long tradition of technology talks and posters, and this year’s meeting should continue the trend. We’re delighted to see two plenary sessions as well as a concurrent session focused on technology, giving us ample opportunity to discover promising new tools and biological insights.

A major theme in recent AGBT meetings, and one that’s apparent again this year, is a focus on alternatives to short-read sequencing. While NGS platforms offer a great deal of useful information, there’s a growing awareness that they miss important genomic elements that are too long to be spanned by 300-base reads. We’ve seen loads of interest for long-range technologies that can extend information from NGS systems, genome mapping approaches, and of course single-molecule, long-read sequencing platforms.

With that in mind, we’ve developed our newest sample prep system to help scientists generate the high-quality, high molecular weight DNA required as input for these long-range methods. The SageHLS (that’s short for HMW Library System) will be on display in our AGBT suite #3281 for anyone who wants to check it out and learn how it can be used to purify DNA from 50 Kb to 2 Mb. We look forward to seeing you in Florida!

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