ASHG 2017: Big Studies, Big Names, and Big DNA

We can’t wait for the annual meeting of the American Society of Human Genetics next week! The Sage Science team will be heading to Orlando to catch up on cutting-edge genome science with several thousand of our nearest and dearest in the community.

As always, this year’s ASHG meeting features excellent speakers and sessions. We’re particularly eager for the headline event, a conversation between Francis Collins and Bill Gates that promises to offer interesting perspective on the intersection of global health and genomics. ASHG is also known for its top-tier award presentations. This year we’ll be hearing from recipients such as Kari Stefansson, Art Beaudet, and Dan MacArthur, among others.

Another hallmark of ASHG in recent years is the wealth of posters and talks reporting enormous studies — now regularly thousands or tens of thousands of samples in each — and this year’s agenda continues the trend. We’re eager to learn about new insights into diseases and other phenotypes that have been powered by these mega-scale studies.

If you’ll be at the meeting, don’t forget to stop by and say hello! We’ll be at booth #752, near the food court. You can check out the new SageHLS instrument for extracting or purifying high molecular weight DNA directly from samples, or learn more about our other automated DNA sizing platforms.

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