All Aboard for AGBT!

We can’t wait for the annual Advances in Genome Biology and Technology conference next week, but we have to keep reminding ourselves not to go on autopilot this year. For the first time since the conference began in 2000, AGBT won’t be taking place in Marco Island — this year we’re heading to sunny Orlando and wondering how many attendees will sneak out for a spin on the local Quidditch pitch.

This year’s event promises the usual great talks from highly respected scientists, with names like Sean Eddy, Harold Varmus, David Haussler, and Debbie Nickerson dotting the agenda. We’re particularly looking forward to a talk from Matthew Sullivan in the opening session; he conducted a pivotal study on DNA size selection a couple of years ago that helped demonstrate the importance of sizing in the NGS workflow. Sullivan studies viral populations in the ocean and will no doubt have a really interesting story to share with AGBT attendees. We’re also eager to hear from Katia Sol-Church on day two of the conference. Sol-Church, a leader in the core lab community, will be speaking about the clinical work her lab has gotten involved in.

The Sage team will be glued to the sessions but eager to meet old friends and old-friends-to-be at the many networking events. We’ll also be co-sponsoring a party with PacBio on Friday evening at the golf course (the Fairway Lawn, in Marriott lingo). Join us for some drinks, swag, and a great time!

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