Sage Science Launches High-Throughput DNA Sizing Platform for NGS Workflow

BEVERLY, Mass. — November 11, 2014 — Sage Science, a developer of life science products for improving sample preparation processes in molecular biology applications, today introduced the PippinHT, a high-throughput version of the popular Pippin line of automated DNA size selection instruments for use with next-generation sequencers. The instrument will be particularly useful for scientists conducting large-scale genomic or transcriptomic studies.

PippinHT incorporates the company’s highly regarded sizing technology and increases throughput to 24 samples per run, compared to a maximum of five with Pippin Prep or BluePippin, and shortens run times by about 50 percent. The instrument offers an efficient, automated solution for scientists running sequencing labs, core facilities, and other laboratories producing large-scale sequencing data. PippinHT dramatically reduces NGS sample prep time and provides accurate, reproducible results while eliminating the risk of cross-contamination between samples.

“As the community shifts toward whole-genome sequencing, it is imperative for DNA sample prep processes to scale up and enable virtually limitless production to meet the soaring demand for sequence data,” said Todd Barbera, CEO of Sage Science. “The PippinHT is a direct response to customers who are eager to increase the throughput of their Pippin pipelines, and we’re proud to release an instrument that has the same high-quality standards as our previous products while significantly improving capacity and run times.”

Independent studies of size selection methods have repeatedly demonstrated that the Pippin platform offers unparalleled reproducibility, accuracy, and sample recovery. Precise size selection is critical for optimizing sequencing efficiency, improving genome assemblies, and reducing project costs.

“Our focus has always been on finding ways to make sequencing sample prep more efficient, and the PippinHT represents an important step forward,” said Alex Vira, Director of Marketing for Sage Science. “This will be a robust solution for scientists trying to keep up with the ever-increasing capacity of the latest next-gen sequencers.”

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