You Asked for It: Pippin Goes High-Throughput!

Welcome to the family, PippinHT. Today we’re proud to be launching the high-throughput version of our automated DNA sizing platform for NGS workflows. PippinHT can run as many as 24 samples at a time, with half the run time of the Pippin Prep while maintaining our strict standards for accuracy and reproducibility. Our customers have been asking for this advance and we’re pleased to be able to meet the needs of high-capacity labs.

PippinHT comes at a critical time in the NGS world, as the community increasingly shifts toward whole-genome sequencing and demand for robust, accurate sample prep methods has never been greater. As Sage Science customers know, precise size selection is necessary for optimizing sequencing efficiency, improving genome assemblies, and reducing project costs.

Click here to check out product specs and how PippinHT stacks up to Pippin Prep, or click here to request a quote.

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