Sage Science and Uniscience do Brasil Enter Into Brazilian Distribution Agreement

BEVERLY, Mass. AND SAO PAULO — June 25, 2013 — Sage Science, a developer of products for improving sample preparation processes in life science applications, and Uniscience do Brasil, the leading distributor of equipment and reagents to the Brazilian biotechnology and molecular biology markets, today announced a distribution agreement for Sage’s Pippin DNA size selection product portfolio. Uniscience is the first distributor for Sage Science in the South American market.

“Uniscience is very pleased to be working with Sage Science and we are looking forward to collaborating with them to open up the Brazilian scientific market to their automated DNA size selection technologies,” said Sergio Joelsons, CEO and President of Uniscience. “Next-generation sequencing is a rapidly growing segment of the research market in South America and through this agreement we are taking another step toward offering our customers a complete line of innovative workflow solutions for DNA analysis.”

The Pippin DNA size selection system consists of an electrophoresis instrument and pre-cast, disposable gel cassettes. For collections of smaller fragments up to 1.5 kb, the Pippin Prep system facilitates the construction of next-generation sequencing libraries for paired-end sequencing, ChIP-seq, and preparing templates for emulsion PCR. If the collection of larger fractions is needed, the BluePippin system allows researchers to expand size selection to fragments up to 50 kb using pulsed-field electrophoresis. Pippin systems can be used as a replacement for manual gel purification for any application that requires, or can be improved by, this step.

“We are thrilled to be working with Uniscience as our first distributor in South America,” said Gary Magnant, CEO of Sage Science. “We believe the Pippin product portfolio provides the de facto standard for tightly sized libraries with the highest quality in next-generation DNA sequencing, and we look forward to supporting the Brazilian research community in team with Uniscience.”

Independent studies of size-selection methods for next-generation sequencing sample prep have repeatedly found that the Pippin platform offers unparalleled reproducibility, accuracy, and sample recovery. Precise size selection is critical for optimizing sequencing efficiency, improving genome assemblies, and reducing project costs.

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About Uniscience do Brasil
Founded in 1984, Uniscience do Brasil is the most complete Biotechnology distributor in the Brazilian market. Uniscience brings to the Brazilian market a range of state-of-the-art products made by world renowned manufacturers. Based in Sao Paulo, Uniscience covers the entire Brazilian market with its highly skilled team and specialized distributors network. Uniscience’s commitment to its customers and business partners is reflected in the high quality of products and services it provides. For more information, please visit

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