Systematic sequencing of chloroplast transcript termini from Arabidopsis thaliana reveals >200 transcription initiation sites and the extensive imprints of RNA-binding proteins and secondary structures

April 2019

Benoît Castandet, Arnaud Germain, Amber M. Hotto, and David B. Stern
Researchers present a protocol called Terminome-Seq that they developed to catalog RNA transcript termini in chloroplast DNA of Arabidopsis thaliana. RNA-seq libraries are prepared for the simultaneous analysis of primary and processed 5’ ends, and 3’ends. The authors indicate that the method helps define promoter sequences, regulatory untranslated regions, and the potential for sense-antisense pairing.

Pippin Prep was used to remove products below 200 bp.

Author Affiliations:
Boyce Thompson Institute, Ithica NY
Cornell University, Ithaca,
Université Paris-Saclay, France

DOI: 10.1101/621938

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