Iso-Seq Allows Genome-Independent Transcriptome Profiling of Grape Berry Development

March 2019

Andrea Minio, Mélanie Massonnet, Rosa Figueroa-Balderas, Amanda M. Vondras, Barbara Blanco-Ulate, and Dario Cantu

Researchers used PacBio’s Iso-Seq method to sequence full-length cDNA transcripts from ripening Cabernet Savignon berries resulting in 1,5000 cultivar-specific genes. The authors discuss using transcriptome profiles for comprehensive referencing as an alternative to costly genome referencing.

The BluePippn was used to size select 1-2 kbp, 2-3 kbp, 3-6 kbp, and 5-10 kbp fractions for cDNA SMRTbell library construction for the Iso-Seq method.

Author Affiliations:
University of California, Davis

G3: Genes, Genomes, Genetics
DOI: 10.1534/g3.118.201008

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