Highly accurate long-read HiFi sequencing data for five complex genomes

May 2020
Ting Hon, Kristin Mars, Greg Young, Yu-Chih Tsai, Joseph W. Karalius, Jane M. Landolin, Nicholas Maurer, David Kudrna, Michael A. Hardigan, Cynthia C. Steiner, Steven J. Knapp, Doreen Ware, Beth Shapiro, Paul Peluso, David R. Rank

Pacific Biosciences, in conjunction with their research partners, publicly released (in a BioRxiv preprint) the sequences of five complex genomes that were derived using their high-accuracy circular consensus sequencing (the HiFi method, which resequences 15-20kb SMRTbells up to 30X). The genomes include inbred models Mus musculus (house mouse) and Zea mays,(corn) and complex models Fragaria × ananassa (Strawberries) and Rana muscosa (mountain yellow-legged frog). The fifth sequence was a mock metagenomic bacterial community (ATCC MSA-1003).
Three of the libraries use the SageELF for narrow size selections at ~15KB. The BluePippin was used for one genome (beads were used to size select the metagenomic samples.

Author Affiliations:
Pacific Biosciences, Menlo Park CA
Ravel Biotechnology, San Francisco CA
University of California Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz CA
University of Arizona, Tuscon AR
University of California Davis, Davis CA
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Cold Spring Harbor, NY
Howard Hughes, Medical Institute, University of California Santa Cruz

BioRxiv Preprint
DOI: 10.1101/2020.05.04.077180

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