Welcome to Beantown, ASHG Attendees

The annual meeting of the American Society of Human Genetics will be taking place a hop, skip, and a jump from our office — and we can’t wait! It’s one of the biggest genetics meetings on the calendar, and this year some 7,000 people will assemble at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center to hear about cutting-edge research, new technologies, clinical studies, and more.

Sage Science will be participating at ASHG and we hope to connect with you. For information on two technologies we’ve got in development, check out our poster in the Bioinformatics & Genomic Technologies section (#1646F). In it, we introduce the high-throughput Pippin — a response to many customers who have asked for the ability to run more samples — which can process up to 24 samples per run. We also preview our new Sage ELF, which fractionates a single genomic sample into 12 contiguous DNA fractions. Both systems are designed to take advantage of better library chemistries that have reduced the DNA input required for a sequencing run and are well suited to researchers working with precious samples.

We’ll also be in the exhibit hall at booth #1104 near the front entrance. Stop by to tell us about your research and find out how automated DNA size selection from Sage can help. Looking forward to seeing you there!

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