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Field Inversion Gel Electrophoresis

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We’ve set up this post to provide Pippin Pulse users with a resource to keep updated on new protocols and to post references that might be useful. We also invite users to feel use this page as a forum, if you see fit, and we’d enjoy showing interesting gel images and data (email these to support@sagescience.com).

Our go-to book on theory:
“Electrophoresis of Large DNA Molecules:Theory and Applications” (E. Lai and B. Birren, eds), Current Communication in Cell & Molecular Biology Vol. 1,. Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, New York, 1990

Download the Pippin Pulse user manual here

Our Gel Set-up
We use a Galileo Model 1214 RapidCastTM Mini Gel Unit running 12 X 14 cm gels using Lonza SeaKem® Gold Agarose. We use our Pippin Tris-TAPS buffers (which you can order directly from us in the US and Canada, Part No. KBB1001, under “Accessories” on our ordering page) or 0.5X TBE. The formulations can be found in the Pippin Pulse user manual or separately here.

Gel images of our 1-50kb and 3-70kb protocols:
(click to enlarge images)
150 gel blog370 gel for post












Gel images of our 5-430kb and 5-150kb protocols:

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