New PacBio Isoform Sequencing Protocol Recommends SageELF

If you’re performing isoform sequencing on the PacBio platform, check out this protocol. PacBio recommends size fractionation of cDNAs into four pooled fractions using our SageELF. There’s also an optional step in the protocol for larger libraries to use SageELF for the removal of shorter fragments prior to sequencing.

We’re glad to see the new protocol. Scientists are already doing impressive work with long PacBio reads to more accurately assess transcriptomes, and it’s great to know that our instrument can help people achieve insightful results.

To get a better sense of how the instruments function in a pipeline, check out this poster from researchers at the University of Washington and PacBio. It illustrates a gene expression study of various human cell types, yielding some transcripts longer than 10 Kb.

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