Join Us at the Upcoming Long-Read Workshop at Jackson Lab

Long-read sequencing is steadily gaining traction as scientists realize its value for resolving regions of the genome that are intractable with short-read methods. From structural variants to repetitive or GC-rich regions, many clinically important stretches of the human genome just aren’t a good fit for traditional Illumina or Ion Torrent platforms.

That’s why we’re really pleased that The Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine is hosting a new Long-Read Sequencing Workshop next week to help scientists understand protocols and strategies for using these tools. Held at the Farmington, Conn., location, the event features a who’s who of long-read pioneers presenting tutorial information about genome assembly, structural variant identification, variant phasing, and more. Attendees will also hear from scientists at PacBio, 10x Genomics, and other leading players in long-read and long-range technologies.

Long-read platforms offer unique sample preparation challenges, and our automated DNA size selection instruments have become a crowd favorite for maximizing the read lengths they generate. Sage is a proud sponsor of the workshop, and our CSO Chris Boles will also be giving a talk about Cas9-assisted sample prep strategies for long-read sequencing. We’re particularly looking forward to touring the new sequencing center and research facility.

We hope to see you there!

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