Happy Holidays from All of Us at Sage!

Here at Sage Science headquarters in Beverly, Mass., we’ve already got visions of sugarplums dancing in our heads — so what better time to look back on the past year?

We are happy to report that 2013 was a great year for us and our customers. There have been several terrific publications released this year from scientific teams using Pippin automated DNA size selection. Here’s a small selection of not-to-be-missed papers:

Cheng et al. “Semiconductor-based DNA sequencing of histone modification states.” Nature Communications.

Bronner et al. “Improved protocols for Illumina sequencing.” Current Protocols in Human Genetics.

Love et al. “Selective Inhibition of Tumor Oncogenes by Disruption of Super-Enhancers”

DuBose et al. “Use of microarray hybrid capture and next-generation sequencing to identify the anatomy of a transgene.” Nucleic Acids Research.

Park et al. “An improved approach to mate-paired library preparation for Illumina sequencing.” Methods in Next Generation Sequencing.

We were also lucky enough in 2013 to spend time hearing about some truly fascinating work that are customers have been doing. If you haven’t yet checked them out, grab some eggnog and enjoy these customer profiles:

At TGAC, Pippin-Aided Sequencing Gives Quality Boost to Genome Assemblies

At Iowa Core Lab, Pippin Sizing Is Essential for MicroRNA Studies

At MIT, Pippin Enables Splice Variant Detection and MicroRNA Analysis

Tag Team: At DFCI, Pippin and Nextera Make Better Libraries

At Boston University, Pippin Makes Quick Work of ChIP-seq Prep

The year also saw more vendors including Pippin products in their recommended protocols, including Illumina (Nextera mate pair sequencing), Ion Torrent (exome enrichment), and Pacific Biosciences (long-read sequencing). Indeed, BluePippin really came into its own this year, with customers reporting that they could significantly increase throughput and average read length from their PacBio sequencers by using BluePippin sizing.

Our R&D team kept busy as well. We launched new cassette kits extending the selection range for BluePippin, cassettes with smaller elution wells for customers who prefer 25 µl output, our Pippin Pulse power supply for analytical gels, and our cassette for Epicentre’s ScriptSeq kit that boosts library diversity.

No wonder we’re ready for a little time off! We’ll rest up over the holidays and come back fully recharged and ready to bring you more great products and terrific science in 2014.

Happy holidays, everybody!

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