Coming to ASMS? Check out SageELF for Proteins

If you’re a proteomics scientist, chances are you may not have heard of Sage Science. We’re a small company aimed at improving sample preparation steps in the life sciences, and in the first several years we focused on DNA size selection.

As many customer studies have shown, our Pippin automated instruments for DNA sizing have proven to be the most reproducible and precise method for size selection in the next-generation sequencing workflow. (Check out these papers from Duhaime, Quail, and Peterson for examples.) In these studies, Pippin sizing beat out other automated methods as well as manual gel extraction, the most common selection technique.

Now we’re taking our expertise in gel electrophoresis and bringing it to the proteomics field, where we believe improvements in fractionation protocols could really boost the accuracy and precision of mass spec-based experiments. Protein experts who have evaluated our system say it will have great utility for bottom-up and top-down proteomics experiments, as well as any mass spec workflow using in-gel digestion.

We just unveiled our SageELF, short for Electrophoretic Lateral Fractionation, which can be used for whole-sample fractionation in protein studies. The instrument automatically generates 12 contiguous fractions from a protein sample and delivers them in individual elution wells. Run times take up to three hours, and two samples can be processed at the same time.

For more information, check out the SageELF product brochure.

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