Cancer Genomics Crowd in Boston for Beyond the Genome Meeting

We’re gearing up for this week’s Beyond the Genome conference, to be held at Harvard Medical School here in Boston. This year’s event, hosted by Genome Medicine and Genome Biology, will focus on cancer genomics, therapies, and bioinformatics. A timely topic during breast cancer awareness month!

The Sage Science team has attended this meeting before, and that’s one of the reasons we’re so excited to be there this year — we know how great the science and speakers will be. The agenda is full of interesting sessions and presentations, including an opening talk from Gaddy Getz on cancer genomics and evolution; Mark Gerstein’s talk on human genome analysis; Andrea Califano speaking about regulatory networks; a talk from Sarah Highlander about the link between cancer and the human microbiome; and Peter Park on structural variation analysis.

We look forward to hearing about the latest advances in applying genomics — particularly next-gen sequencing — to find new ways to understand and defeat cancer. We are proud that so many of our users are deploying Sage products in these projects. From finding indels in paired-end sequencing to tracking structural rearrangements in long-read sequence data, or detecting full gene transcripts to conducting ChIP-seq experiments, Sage customers are truly driving advances in the cancer genomics community.

If you’re attending Beyond the Genome this week, please stop by our table. The Sage team would love to know more about your work and talk about how our products can make your life a little easier.

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