BluePippin:Collecting all DNA “Greater Than” 1kb

We have received several requests to use the Pippin to collect all remaining DNA above a programmed base pair value from a sample. Although Pippins currently have the capability to collect all DNA after a run time threshold (using the “Time” programming mode), there is no method to elute the entire sample after a programmed base pair value . Also, our protocol editor requires users to enter an ending base pair value (BP End) in the “Range” mode and will not accept values above 50,000 bp.

For the BluePippin, we have developed a protocol for this purpose, and named the cassette file “0.75% Greater Than – Marker S1”. This requires our 0.75% dye-free gel cassettes kit for lower ranges (BLF7510). With this protocol, users enter a 4 hour run time, and enter a 50,000 bp value into the “BP End” field using the “Range” programming mode. The 50,000 is a dummy value that tells the instrument to continue collecting until the end of the run.

At this time, the “0.75% Greater Than – Marker S1” cassette file is not available in the standard menu of cassette types, but we can provide it to you separately. Contact us if you are interested.

An example of “Greater Than” collections:

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