ASMS, Here We Come!

We are packing our bags for Minneapolis and the 61st annual conference of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry. As scientists who come from the DNA realm, the protein world is very exciting to us and we’re looking forward to one of the premier meetings in this field.

It’ll be great to see the award presentation from Dick Smith, head of proteomics research at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. Dick has a long history of optimizing mass spec technology, so no doubt his talk will cover his greatest hits as well as what’s new and intriguing in his lab today. We’re also interested in hearing about cutting-edge work in top-down proteomics and other approaches during the regular conference sessions.

This is the first year Sage will have a booth at ASMS, so please stop by booth #31 and say hello! We’ll be introducing our two new automated tools for the protein market: the BluePippin for proteins and the Sage ELF. BluePippin, one of our DNA sizing platforms, has new cassettes to enable targeted SDS-protein collection of a desired fraction from up to five samples per run. The ELF, or Electrophoretic Lateral Fractionator, allows users to fractionate a protein sample into 12 contiguous size fractions. These tools provide increased reproducibility and ease-of-use for procedures that require gel isolation of proteins, including top-down and bottom-up proteomics studies, post-translational modification analysis, and other protein mass spectrometry methods.

You can also check out the two posters we’ll have, both during Wednesday’s poster session.
• Poster #590: “Using Orthogonal Techniques for Protein-Peptide Separation to Generate Comprehensive HDMSe Mass Spectral Libraries from an E. coli Model System”
• Poster #674: “The BluePippin Automated Size-Fractionation System for Proteins”

We hope to see you there!

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