ASHG 2014: See You in San Diego!

We can’t wait for the annual conference for the American Society of Human Genetics in San Diego this weekend! Five days of back-to-back scientific sessions, 6,500 attendees, countless parties — it’s a great opportunity to geek out on genomics.

While the scientific presentations are always top-notch, we think ASHG stands out for the big-picture talks given by various awardees. This year’s talks surely won’t disappoint. Award winners include Victor Ambros, David Baulcombe, Gary Ruvkun, David Valle, Mark Daly, and Gonçalo Abecasis, among others. We look forward to hearing their take on the human genetics field and where it’s heading.

If you’re not familiar with the Sage Science portfolio of automated DNA size selection and fractionation products, you can get a great glimpse of one of our instruments in action in a poster from scientists at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. Poster #1617S (presented Sunday, October 19, 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm) is entitled “Greatly improved de novo assemblies of eukaryotic genomes using PacBio long read sequencing.” In it, researchers pair our BluePippin instrument with a Pacific Biosciences sequencer to optimize read lengths, achieving reads up to 35,000 bases.

We’ll also have BluePippin, Pippin Prep, and our new SageELF on display at our booth (#935), so please stop by. Our team would be happy to share data on how accurate and reproducible sizing can generate better sequence data, and do so more efficiently, than other sizing methods. We hope to see you there.

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