All Aboard for ABRF!

The Sage Science team is gearing up for our favorite core facility meeting: the annual conference of the Association of Biomolecular Resource Facilities. This year the event will be held in sunny Albuquerque, New Mexico, home of the largest hot air balloon festival in the world.

The ABRF meeting brings together scientists from core labs around the world who excel at honing protocols, establishing recommended guidelines, and tweaking technology platforms to get the very best results. As scientists who focus on optimizing electrophoresis-based methods for sample prep, we always feel right at home with the ABRF community.

We’re especially looking forward to the reporting sessions from the ABRF research groups focused on DNA sequencing and proteomics. Each year, these research groups offer terrific insight into factors like inter-lab variability, success rates with sample quality and origin, and best applications for different analysis platforms. There will also be a session on the next-generation sequencing study, in which ABRF members will be putting sequencing platforms through their paces to see how best to use each.

Also, we will be showing off our newest instrument at the conference. Stop by booth #502, right near the exhibit hall entrance, to check out the SageELF, our new whole-sample fractionation system for DNA and proteins.

We’ll also have plenty of information about our established Pippin DNA size selection platforms, which can be used with any next-gen sequencer. For a great example of how our BluePippin tool is being used to generate longer reads from the PacBio® sequencer, don’t miss poster #44 from scientists at the University of Maryland and Pacific Biosciences.

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