Sage Science Pippin Prep To Be Commercialized Through Life Technologies For Ion PGM™ Sequencer Customers

Beverly, MA—October 11, 2011—Sage Science, Inc., a privately-held, MA-based company, today announced that it has signed an agreement with Life Technologies Corporation (NASDAQ:LIFE) enabling Life Technologies to offer the Pippin Prep DNA size selection system to users of the Ion Torrent PGM next-gen sequencing platform.

The Pippin Prep is an automated gel electrophoresis system that is designed for preparation of size-fractionated DNA samples. Automated workflow with the Pippin Prep improves speed, yield, quality,and reproducibility of next-gen library construction.
Sage CEO Gary Paul Magnant commented on the agreement: “Sage Science is thrilled to be working with Ion Torrent users and Life Technologies. We believe the Pippin Prep sets the standard for tightly sized libraries of the highest quality, and we look forward to supporting the emerging desktop sequencer market.”

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