Highly Specific Contractions of a Single CAG/CTG Trinucleotide Repeat by TALEN in Yeast

April 2014

Guy-Franck Richard, David Viterbo, Varun Khanna, Valentine Mosbach, Lauriane Castelain, and Bernard Dujon

Researchers in France used a TALEN to introduce a double-strand break in a CAG/CCTG repeat in yeast cells, finding that doing so deleted the trinucleotide repeat tract or shortened highly repetitive regions into relatively few repeats. This PLoS One paper is the first evidence of deploying a TALEN to shorten trinucleotide repeats, which in humans are responsible for many severe neurological disorders. DNA was fractionated with Pippin Prep and sequenced with Illumina.

PLoS ONE 9(4): e95611


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