Computational and Statistical Analyses of Insertional Polymorphic Endogenous Retroviruses in a Non-Model Organism

November 2014

Le Bao, Daniel Elleder, Raunaq Malhotra, Michael DeGiorgio, Theodora Maravegias,
Lindsay Horvath, Laura Carrel, Colin Gillin, Tomáš Hron, Helena Fábryová, David R. Hunter and Mary Poss

Scientists present a computational method for detecting specific integration sites of endogenous retroviruses in a genome, even without the use of a reference genome. They use de novo clustering and statistical models and demonstrate the approach in a study of deer. Pippin Prep sizing was used to narrow the fragment size range to 300-330bp prior to sequencing on the Ion Personal Genome Machine.

Computation 2014, 2, 221-245

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