Fireworks, Genomics, and HLS-CATCH at AGBT in Orlando

The regular Super Bowl may have gone down last weekend, but the genomics Super Bowl is still to come with next week’s Advances in Genome Biology & Technology meeting in Orlando. The Sage Science team can’t wait. AGBT is our favorite one stop shop for cool new technology, amazing science, and legendary parties.

This year, we’re particularly excited about AGBT because one of our scientific collaborators, GiWon Shin from Stanford University, will be giving a talk about work involving a method we’ve been developing to target large genomic fragments and prepare them for the 10x Genomics workflow. We call it HLS-CATCH, and it involves our newest platform, the SageHLS instrument. If you’ll be at the conference, don’t miss his presentation: “Assembly-based structural variation and haplotypes from targeted sub-megabase DNA molecules” at 3:40 pm in the Tuesday afternoon plenary session about evolutionary genomes. (It’s right after Ed Green’s talk about pygmy genomes, sure to be a crowd pleaser.)

To learn more about HLS-CATCH — or just to enjoy Disney’s daily fireworks show at 8:00 pm — please visit us in our suite, room #1765 at the Hilton. The Sage team will be on hand to answer questions and help you determine whether our automated DNA sizing and preparation instruments could help with your research.

Finally, we’ll be presenting a poster (#305) about an integrated workflow for nanopore sequencing. Be sure to check it out during a dessert break or wine reception.

Happy AGBT, everyone!

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