BluePippin Bulletin: Size Selection of 40kb and 50kb DNA

Well, we’ve finally gone where no automated DNA size selection provider has gone before. Using compression-busting pulse-field programs and fancy gel formulations, we’ve tackled the large cut.

Our latest cassette type, BHF7510, comes with four cassette definitions:

1. High Range 40kb Marker W1- Tight
2. High Range 40kb Marker W1- Broad
3. High Range 50kb Marker W1- Tight
4. High Range 50kb Marker W1- Broad

In all four cases, the size selection is centered on the 40kb or 50kb target; range mode selections are not allowed. The “Tight” definitions provide very narrow distributions, while the “Broad” definition doubles the duration of elution to provide higher yields. Below is a summary of some our validation data.

Thanks to our crack R&D team for unlocking the mysteries of HMW fragments!

Table 50kb blog
Figure 1. Data summary from High-Range cassette validation tests. Eluted DNA was run on agarose gels using the Pippin Pulse system (3-70kb preset program) and analyzed with the TL100 analysis software from Totallab, Ltd.

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