AGBT 2015: You Bring Last Year’s Backpack, We’ll Bring the Popcorn and PippinHT

Next week is the biggest party of the year for the genomics community: the Advances in Genome Biology and Technology meeting. The Sage Science team can’t wait to emerge from our Boston igloos to soak up some much-needed warmth in Marco Island (while we’re soaking in the great science, of course). Like so many attendees, we’re already dusting off last year’s backpack as we prep for the journey south.

Now in its 16th year, AGBT always manages to deliver a mix of stellar technology talks, brand-new scientific results, and topical information. This year we’re especially looking forward to talks on precision medicine and promising new methods using NGS. We’re also quite intrigued by presentations about genomics in space and city-scale metagenomics.

During the meeting, we’ll be showing off the newest member of our Pippin family, the PippinHT, which is a great fit for the large-scale projects conducted by scientists at this event. PippinHT features everything you love about our platform — fully automated DNA size selection with best-in-class results and reproducibility, without any risk of cross-contamination — now at scale, running up to 24 samples at a time. PippinHT increases throughput while reducing run times and cost per sample.

You can find us in lanai #179, where we’ll be serving up popcorn as well as technical tips on how more accurate DNA sizing can help you generate better results from your NGS pipeline. We hope to see you there!

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