ABRFers Bid Farewell to Albuquerque

From the opening session to the time our team broke down the Sage Science booth to go home, the ABRF conference was a terrific event.

We really enjoyed the big data keynote from Phil Bourne and moderated session that followed. With all the challenges facing people in the data storage and management realm, let alone data analysis, we’re glad that we get to focus on sample prep — it seems a lot more straightforward!

We also had a great time showing off SageELF, our new instrument for whole-sample fractionation of DNA or proteins. If you didn’t get a chance to swing by our booth for a chat, you can check out this video for a quick glimpse of how SageELF works and what it can be used for:


Next time, ABRF, we’ll meet you in St. Louis for the 2015 conference!

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