Check out our new app note with @Diagenode! Best practices when using #Megaruptor3 w/ #PippinHT or #BluePippin. Includes our new Range+T size selection method & tips on getting tight HMW DNA in the 9-30kb range. #PacBio #HiFisequencing #nanopore #genomics

A new application note by the Arizona Genomics Institute’s @UAPacbioServCen led by @dariocopet shows increased @PacBio #HiFi read lengths using a new size selection method with the #PippinHT.

Phased genomic targets from @universal_seq . Very impressive paper! #TELLseq -- linked reads in a tube. Check it out!
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Here's a rundown of scientific posters from #AGBT23 that featured Sage products. It was, as always, a great meeting!

Check out these #AGBT23 posters that include work with #HLSCATCH: 544 @StanfordBioX (and selected for a talk by Alexander Urban at 11:05), 526 also from Stanford (GiWon Shin et al), and 301 (Gavin Arno et al) @Gavin_Arno @SightResearchUK

Long reads are getting longer – again! | Arizona Genomics Institute
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Latest CATCH-nanopore sequence. Over 700-fold enrichment for the gene and 60x depth with full length reads at 140kb - variant detection and distant phasing with long reads using R9.4.1 minION flowcell and LSK110 chemistry @nanopore @SageSci @tchrisboles @UCLeye @Moorfields

"Heatrich-BS assay [...] uses the concept of thermal denaturation to achieve CpG enrichment in fragmented DNA. Heatrich selects for DNA fragments with GC content exceeding 60%"