#HLS-CATCH used to map Mb-sized deletion in 22q11.2. The update from @StanfordMed presented in a scientific poster… https://t.co/2ORE3pzWcj
- Monday Mar 23 - 8:27pm

Targeted Long-Fragment #LinkedRead Sequencing with #HLSCATCH and #TELLSeq. Here a recap and link to the… https://t.co/OGR5pRXm7q
- Monday Mar 23 - 5:13pm

RT @universal_seq: Come by poster no. 206 "TELL-Seq: Ultra-low Input Single Tube Linked-Reads for Accurate Long-range Sequencing with Short…
- Wednesday Feb 19 - 7:48pm

#SageHLS DNA size selection for @nanopore by @GrandOmics #PromethION #longreadclub https://t.co/SngocoqkIB https://t.co/G0Otldo037
- Monday Dec 2 - 6:32pm

Great @PacBio EMEA User Group meeting last week! https://t.co/R1b3m3HHuJ
- Wednesday Nov 20 - 3:08pm

We've been using the SageHLS to extract and enrich mitochondrial DNA. Come visit us at #ASHG19, booth No. 749, or c… https://t.co/wxs00hhBHO
- Friday Oct 11 - 6:06pm

RT @Sequilabs: https://t.co/TBpxd52tfE https://t.co/xP213uS2T6
- Monday Aug 12 - 6:42pm

Another great interview from @mendelspod! Mark Ebbert discusses Alzheimers research, camouflaged genes, and the ch… https://t.co/92IYBRVUZ3
- Tuesday Aug 6 - 4:09pm

Our collaboration with the Hanlee Ji lab @Stanford featuring #HLSCATCH has just been published by NAR! #linkedreadhttps://t.co/kSGFba9GXz
- Tuesday Jul 30 - 5:56pm

Did you check out last week’s Mendelspod interview with Mark Chaisson? Great discussion on SVs, benchmarking and r… https://t.co/SqR5e92ADO
- Wednesday Jul 24 - 7:20pm

Great podcast with NHGRI's Adam Phillippy from @mendelspod . Check it out if you haven't already. Putting the "wh… https://t.co/pnUvza3Gjo
- Wednesday May 29 - 6:26pm

Our #AGBT19 Re-Cap. https://t.co/BuHAvoxKBP https://t.co/wRglStrfTj
- Friday Mar 22 - 6:31pm

We will rock you. #agbt19 https://t.co/bKCSYMs21c
- Friday Mar 1 - 2:21am

Neat study in @OandNonline using #LinkedReads to analyze tumor-specific SVs in Neurofibromatosis Type 2 patients.… https://t.co/ApaBOmh1Hd
- Tuesday Jan 29 - 6:55pm